Unable join and got banned for 4weeks for joining the nextday

sorry for bad english but ill try my best explain , so recently i was on discord to play with boys i open minecraft wins10 and try to log to hive server but it keeps “disconnecting and loading resources” and like im trying the other server like nethergames its work but hive didn’t and then after like 20 mins trying close the window and try again i got banned flying for 4 weeks didn’t hack and never hack on pc , can some mod help me i want get the cheetah hub title , can some explain is like my connection is the issue or like the bot automatic think im flying

ign : zulqarnaincraft
(individual content creator) from indonesia

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To submit ban appeals you have to contact [email protected]

have a nice day :slight_smile:

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thanks sorry didn’t respond u my life rn is kinda busy

I have the same problem!!! :sob::sob::sob:

don’t bump this besides you have cheated with pc so it wasn’t unnecessary.

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If You See A Problem, Flag It

How much times will I have to repeat this please Hive community