Ultimate Rank Rewards Question

Are you supposed to get an exclusive crown avatar as part of the Ultimate Rank rewards?

I’m sure you’re aware that the Ultimate rank is meant for Java edition. But just in case, I wanted to mention it. However there are some perks available to Ultimate members playing on Bedrock edition. Personally I was able to find two threads (Java Forums) discussing Bedrock Ultimate perks. If you would like to take a look at them there will be a link below. Hopefully you’ll find your answer.

PS. If you can’t find it you could always ask an Admin.

Hive Owner Clank’s Thread: https://forum.hivemc.com/posts/2290845/
Hive Ultimate Member Wangshijie’s Thread: https://forum.hivemc.com/posts/2303257/

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Yeah, I have ultimate, and I obviously know that it’s for Java. I just wanted to know if I was also supposed to get an avatar as well as the bee, as I saw other ultimate members on bedrock with that specific avatar. Thanks!


The only gift for those who have purchased the Ultimate rank on our Java network is the bee costume, the avatar in question is obtained by achieving level 49 in TreasureWars :slight_smile: