Types of MM players

DISCLAIMER: This is in no way, meant to promote public shaming in any sort of way. This doesn’t have the obvious noob/pro, but rather different ones. Also yes this is kinda satirical please don’t end my career

Let’s go.

#1: The Jester
Role(s): Innocent
“Tries to annoy the sheriff or whoever has a zapper, just to get killed by them. Of course, the game won’t end yet, but things may happen.”

#2: The Paranoid
Role(s): Innocent (if you have the zapper) and/or Sheriff
“Doesn’t like to trust those who stalk them, so they decide to kill anyone one who stalks them, regardless of them being murderer or not.”

#3: The Snitch
Role(s): Innocent/Murderer
“Always makes up lies about who the ‘real’ murderer is, whether or not the accuser is indeed the murderer. Could result in gamethrowing and whatnot, but you get the idea.”

#4: The MrDragonBoi

lol get baited

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I remember playing MM with you. So that’s why you were grinding it

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The one who shoots you even though you even though you are holding a bow


One time when I was playing idk if these people were joking or not but they believed even the murderer could get a bow because of “hacks” or something. :skull:




if you’re grinding MM and ur a big YT, play unicked and tell everyone to take a screenie with u before murdering everyone there


When I get yt rank I will abuse it

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Some people you forgot:

The camoflauge
Someone who annoyingly wears camo skins

the bow camper
That one murderer who camps the bow and fsr thinks it’s effective

The faker
A person who follows you around trying to make you think they are the murderer

The coin stealer
We’ve all met those people. . .

The over-cautious
That one murderer who waits 3 minutes until they actually kill someone

The unaware
A person who blatantly kills someone with 20 other people watching

Just some ones I could think off the top of my head

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shhhh…dont reveal the secret :wink:

I’m the one who gets murderer and gets extreme anxiety trying to figure out what to do and who to kill

Yeah, about the “Faker”, I technically meant that, but using a fake weapon, like punching to pretend being a murderer

Otherwise, thanks for letting me know

I’m usually the camo dude. I have like 60+ camo skins in a pack and I can easily switch to one whenever I need it and wherever I am. Also it has updated textures to match the new block appearance and some 1.16 blocks

I used to be the over cautious until I came back recently