Two Of The Same Quests in a Row

What was affected - You would click to claim the quest you just completed and the same one would show up. Stating that you had not started.

What is the bug?
You are supposed to only be able to do a Quest once but, this glitch makes it so you can do one quest 2 times. When you go to the quest master to claim your quest, you will claim it and it will say you did in chat. Then when you try to start another, the same quest pops up. With 0% completed.

Device(s) & Version
What platform do you play on (Win10, Xbox, Switch, iOS, Android, or PS4) and what version of Minecraft are you using? Win 10

Screenshots and/or video:
I cannot put a video, you can DM me on discord for it. Tome#1234. Minecraft 2021-03-07 18-05-13_Trim_Moment|690x380

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Thank you for submitting a bug report. This issue has already been reported and logged :slightly_smiling_face: