TW solos “Train Tracks” Strategy

This is a strategy is good if your sneaky and fast.
So first you want to get the enemy team that is right next to you and kill them, then you can collect your emeralds and diamonds, but only go one no ones there so no one will try to kill you. Next all the gold you have spend them in auto Bridget’s then wool and buy some swords, picks and axes and put the extras in the ender chest.
Then by now there should be very few people left so start auto bridging to as many side islands and eliminated player islands as you can. The players who’s “winning” will either come to your island and destroy your treasure and won’t know which island you staying on or they’ll go to a other enemy Island and destroy their treasure at that time since you established your “Train Tracks” you can probably see them attack the other enemy finally let them know which island your on (probably there’s)and make sure you have a pickaxe, armor, sword or bow and wait there or make it hard to get to there island. They will probably shoot at you with there bow so just run left to right to dodge there arrows and maybe shoot them to, soon they’ll get annoyed and start hoping on the bridge to get to you at that moment jump in a direction where ever there is void and hit them in that direction. Also is a good time to knock them in the void when there aiming at you, you can jump attack and get hit back to the island with that arrow.

Anyways you can tell me if this is useful strategy or ways to improve it. Thank you

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In my opinion I dont find it bad but not good. There are some flaws in it and many ways to ruin your stat, easily,

This strategy is the best on mushroom, because islands are close together, on other maps it’s time consuming

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