Tryin to help my 10 yr old out

Hi there,

Non-gaming (plays Fortnite occasionally/badly) Dad of a 10 yr old. He’ PS4 equipped who seems to be struggling a bit with TW. Had a few questions if anyone could help me orientate myself so as to maybe help him out.

  1. He says that PC-ers have an advantage and wipe him (or him and his Xbox pal if playing duos) out. PC deffo had an advantage in Fortnite but is that the case with TW too?

  2. He says there’s no skill based matchmaking to speak of. He’s at level 30 or something and says he can be mixing it up with folk ranked 100 (which i gather is max - meaning there could be some folk ranked 3, 4 or 500 in reality). This tye case - noobs mixing with experts?

  3. He’s talking of combos and that he can’t do them. Can you on a PS controller? If so I’ll have him dig more for tutorials on utoob

  4. He has a mouse (Razer Viper Mini) and a gaming keyboard. Would he be better switching to that?

  5. Any other insights / tips anyone got to give him a path to navigate. I understand you gotta grind your way sometimes and he accepts that. Just want to see of there’s anything obvious he can try

Thanks for reading.


Hello! So I might have a few answers to your questions that you are asking.

  1. PC players do have an advantage but it mainly shouldn’t be a problem since if there are above 300 players in TW in your region then there is platform-based matchmaking (Console w/console etc.). Though it is possible to set up a keyboard and mouse to console.

  2. There is no such thing on the Hive as skill-based match-making although I wish there was. He would be mixing in with the sweats/experts.

  3. You can 100% combo on a PS controller! I know a lot of people who can. It just takes time and practice. Youtube can help but practicing in-game is the way to go in my opinion.

  4. He can set up a keyboard and mouse on PS (I don’t know how but Youtube does!). It’s honestly his preference if he wants to use them.

  5. Level does not equal skill in PvP. So some high-level players are not always the best. Practicing and just knowing how the game works helps a lot. Watch some tutorials on Youtube on how to win/play Treasure Wars (they help a ton). Have him try out some other games too! Some of the PvP games are more relaxed like Survival Games. Skywars is a fun one as well!

I hope your son has fun playing! :blobheart:


If he learns how to be better on keyboard and mouse, which can take up to a month, then yes, but you can actually be very good on controller, just have to practice. practice makes perfect.

Thanks v. much for the detailed (and encouraging) response RGYT. Couple of questions about your replies.

  1. This platform matching thing. Does it happen automatically or is it something you’ve to select somewhere. We’re in Ireland + suppose Hive a popular platform = likely >300 players?

  2. I’ve heard him and his pal talk about sweats (as in stay clear of them). Righto, that clarifies thing and so just something to live with. I tried explaining that if he’s say Glasgow Celtic and he’s in the Champions League with Liverpool, then perhaps he might expect a win to be a rare delight. But he’s not buying it!

  3. Understood on comboing. Will point him towards working to improve.

3a. He’s on about butterfly (clicking like a demon, whether mouse or controller). From my reading, Mindcraft only registers about 2 cps so once you can click at perhaps 6cps you’ve optimized your strike rate in a fight. That about right … or is there benefit in trying to give yourself carpel tunnel syndrome with a higher cps rate??

  1. He got the mouse/keyboard for Fortnite but no sooner had he (rather I) figured out how to make it work than his pals migrated to Minecraft again. He’s motivated and a gaming PC will come in time I suppose. Would there be an overall benefit in putting in the spade work with keyboadd and mouse. In your opinion?

  2. I figured as much (you prob level up with quantity as much a quality of play). Thanks for the tip on other games - this TW has the same kind of frustration potential built in as Fortnite (i.e. all your hard work getting a decent inventory taken out in a heartbeat)

Many thanks again for the time taken to give great advice. Its a pity that means him watching more utoob but there you go!!

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Hey :wave:

Some answers to your questions are:

  1. The game will try and put him in controller lobbies if he plays in controller

  2. I have no idea :woman_shrugging: What a “Glasgow Celtic” is sorry! :sweat_smile:

  3. Comboing is just something that takes practise

3A. Clicking speed does not really matter. And normal clicking should serve him just fine!

Hope your son has fun playing : :blobheart:

Thanks G0AQ!

I was kind of half figuring that’d be the case - just based on the number of digits you have on keyboard and mouse vs controller. I’ve to get him a desk which will allow him more comfort than his current set up (making the controller + beanbag his preferred choice).

You familiar with a K55 Corsair and / or the Razer Viper Mini? I read reviews til I was blue in the face to get reasonable entry level stuff rather than crap. That enough to get him going for a few years you think? Put it this way - the mouse feels a hell of a lot nicer than the thing I work with all day!!

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Thanks CaptainP.

  1. So, auto-matching to console. (Would his keyboard and mouse being plugged in simultaneously fool the game into thinking he was keyboard and mouse, you think?)

  2. Glasgow Celtic = my son = David. Liverpool = the sweats = Goliath :slight_smile:

  3. It just occurred to me to let my kid just read this thread. He’ll take it better from you guys than me! I recall a Fortniter advising us that there becoming a good builder just took practice. Same here by the sounds of it. Such is life.

Thanks alot…

  1. Idk if it would trick the game. Probaly won’t tho…

3.Yeah definitely let you’re son read this!

3a. I’ve never played fortnight but the “building” does sound like it takes practise and so does comboing!

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Yeah I would say so, they are well established brands of gaming equipment, and they are pretty popular.

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Sure thing!

  1. Platform-based matchmaking is internal (you cannot select it) and will start when 300 people are playing the same game as you in the same region (you would be the Europe region). Most likely if you are on there will be platform-based matchmaking.

  2. Yep! You can’t really get rid of the sweats. I love your analogy of that as well! It’s just like that!

  3. Actually the faster you click the more cps will register but it’s not all about cps, it’s about factors like aim, strategy, etc. I wouldn’t try hurting yourself with clicking quickly though. :sweat_smile:

  4. If he is really motivated to improve and get off controller I think it’s a great investment. I also think it takes less time to master keyboard and mouse than the controller. That would be entirely up to his interpretation of what he wants to do.

  5. For me, I definitely level up with more quantity than quality since it’s very hard to get quality without a lot of practice. It definitely can be frustrating to lose everything, thankfully TW has respawns until your treasure is destroyed. Definitely using the ender chest is vital for resources and gear!

No problem! I’m happy to help. Unfortunately, sometimes Youtube is the best answer to your questions :sweat_smile:

Have a great day :blobheart:

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Yes it would help

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Really insane to see a dad helping his son get good at gaming, dad of the year contender

Gryff already answered pretty much everything but I would love to give my opinion about controller v PC, so I’m going to

Anyways, I’ve been playing on controller for about 2 years at this point, and I’ve been playing Minecraft even longer. Controller doesn’t really have any major disadvantages where beating PC, and some mobile players, is impossible. It’s possible to beat anyone who isn’t hacking. It just takes practice.

Here’s what I think the few major differences between controller and PC is;

On controller you can’t turn your head as fast, even if you have 100 sens a joystick isn’t gonna turn faster than someone moving their mouse as fast as they can. So clutches and stuff that requires fast turn arounds is going to be harder. I would recommend on controller to change to 100 sensitivity, but only do so if you are willing to practice adjusting to this and don’t lost all sense of aim.

And you for the most part can’t click as fast as PC players. Now you don’t need double digit cps to be good, or combo, (ex. Me) but I mean it sure helps to have higher cps. I know Xbox controllers have double clicking methods, but I don’t know about any other controllers. I play on a rip off switch controller and just try to click fast, when I played competitive tw I did get a hand injury but it was very minor and only put me out for a few days.

Kinda long but that’s really all I can think of that’s really different, it’s completely up to your son if he wants to play on kbm or controller.

Here’s a pvp guide that I used to learn when I first got started playing the game, I would recommend reading it.

And this is a amazing twars guide made by @ceoricon

Hope this helps!


Hello @CaptainPurzy, I just want to clarify that whatever device your on that runs Minecraft bedrock edition and the hive will send you into hubs and lobbies that have people that have different devices than yours. If you would like to practice with your friends privately, you can! Just click on an npc, and then go all the way down and tap/click Custom Server where you can invite whoever you want into a safe, secure game all by yourself. For more details on this please contact a hive staff member and they can help you out or check out some thing on YouTube! Have a nice day! :beedance:

What u just said is completely false there is platform based matchmaking. There may be some people that aren’t youre platform but it’s mostly. If you’re pc pc players and if you’re mobile mobile players.

Evidence: Just look at what helpers and moderators say when people ask

In the future mate try and get evidence and stop adding random emojis that have no relevelance to what you’re saying

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