Trilogy ranking list

So The Dark Knight was an absolute masterpiece, it was amazing and well if you haven’t watched it, watch it now.
Anyway it’s part of a trilogy as you will know, and that got me thinking, there’s a lot of classic trilogies, anyway this is my ranking for some, what are yours? Top in the trilogy is best lowest is worse.

The Dark Knight ( I think you know why)
The Dark Knight Rises ( I really don’t know why people dislike, it’s awesome)
Batman Begins ( It was a pretty good movie, but compared to the others… eh)

So for the Star Wars Prequels, I have a nostalgic spot for the Attack of the clones and the others, it’s hard to rank them for me.

The Star Wars original trilogy is just amazing and I can’t really decide.

The Rise of Skywalker (Controversial but it’s the best ending to one of the best Stories of all time)
Force Awakens ( it… it was good and I kind of liked it, but it was the Star wars movie that put me off the franchise for a bit)
Last Jedi ( UUUUrrrrrggghhhh no)

Iron man 3 (First one I watched and a really nice ending)
Iron Man 1 ( Boom super hero movie!!!)
Iron Man 2 ( I dunno)

Avengers Assemble (Good movie)
Avenger Infinity War (Eh was alright)
Avengers Endgame (Why did they have to have fortnite and personally this was really a movie about the spectical of the feat they pulled off)
Avengers Age of Ultron (Ultron’s face hurts)
(Personally I have disliked the majority of costumes in the MCU ever after Civil War)

Make sure to post your rankings!!!

I can only rank start wars 7 8 9 and the marvel trilogies

movie 9- not bad at all! I loved it personally.
movie 7- hurt to watch but it was alright. I had way too high of expectations.
movie 8- oh my lord I want to commit salsa

iron man-
1- it’s one of my favorites. Nostalgia and sadness wise, great start for marvel as a franchise.
3- meh
2- This one had like 1 good quote and I forgot the rest

3- SOOOOO good. I’ve watched this movie 273 times :smiley: at one point I memorized the whole script all the movements and all the songs!
1- I watched this with my parents. they liked it alot but I thought it wasnt nearly as good.
2- I want to commit salsa a million times

captain America-
2- the winter soldier was SO good. It is probably one of my favorite marvel movies to this date.
3- This one was pretty good! I think it just didnt match with the sheer resilience of the winter soldier doe :confused:
1- This one isn’t bad but it’s not good either. What can I say.

Avengers in general:

4- it was just too darn good. I think I watched it 26 times
3 and 1- both so good. Fun fact: I cried in 3 only when the music came on. I cried in 4 slot however
2- it was ok. There were too many plot points and I just didnt like it as much.

So those are my rankings for rn, I’ll probably add more when I have the chance


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