Trident Arena Gamemode

Trident arena is a gamemode where you are given a riptide 3 trident and a loyalty 3 trident and full diamond armour and the bottom of the floor is covered in water .

The goal Is to try to kill the other people in the trident arena and be the last man standing

There are 20 people in the arena.

And of course Trident is the only weapon.

I feel like this would drag out a long time and power ups would be necessary to keep the game alive, I also think this may be quite sweaty and the timer should be 15 minutes, though I do think this could be quite fun.


Yes That would be good


maybe if everyone had bases, reduce the player count, add swimming tunnels, add fishing rods, change the armor to turtle helmet and prot 1 iron and the game could be quite fun, I do think you should have to explore the map and have objectives, maybe there are power ups that you could find?

you cant have riptide 3 loyalty 3, the two enchantments are useless with each other


True, but servers can make a custom weapon. The boomboxes being one. One could argue that they aren’t weapons though.

And an even better example is the kb nemo. You cant enchant a regular fish with kb. Or any item other than sword unless u have a command block I think.

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you cant enchant thing that arent allowed to be enchanted on bedrock

ik that the servers can make custom weapons, but what would it do? because you cant throw the riptide trident

they’d have to be separate tridents so you can fly up or the hive can modify it so when ever you go to hit someone it takes you to them.

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