Treasures not destroying

I play on Nintendo switch

The issue occurs in treasure wars

The issue is that sometimes when hitting a treasure
It isn’t destroyed usually this occurs when blocks are around it and your trying to hit it through a small opening but even so I should be able to destroy it.
It may be an issue with the hit box of the treasure and either will have to be fixed through changing the dynamic of the hit box itself or by making the treasure a block that you destroy like in bedwars where instead of hitting you break it.

Hey there :wave:

Thanks for submitting a bug report.

Could you possible provide a video?

I think its that inventory slot glitch cause when you hit something like the shop keeper or try killing a person basically

something like this v v v v

I assume

I’ve had this happen recently I believe, sometimes I mine from above the treasure, click on it, then quickly place a block to build back out, but the treasure doesn’t break, but it works like it should when I don’t place the block under me immediately, it’s weird.

That’s completely different, this happens outside custom servers.