Treasure wars update idea

Hello everyone who’s reading this!

This is Treasure wars Update idea
Here I will suggest some updates for treasure wars.

So yall know there is a shopkeeper.
So we could get to change our shopkeeper by getting levels what hive will set (like when you unlock new treasure).

Second idea to add Treasure wars KITS,
Just like SkyWars. There would be:
-Warrior Kit (1 stone sword whenever you respawn)
-Miner Kit (1 axe and 1 pickaxe whenever you respawn)
-Builder (32 wool whenever you respawn)
-Voider (5 ender pearls when your tresure is destroyed and if you die in void when your treasure is destroyed you respawn only 1 time)
-God (2 respawns after your treasure is destroyed)

Third and last one is Generator Upgrade bot.
So yall know there is a little robot who upgrades your genderator for 2 diamonds and 2 emeralds.
Well my idea is that you could customize it and get skins for it for leveling up the level Hive set (like getting new treasure)

That’s all! Thanks for reading!

             -KingBooPlayz (Boo)
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Ngl treasure wars kits would just be too much/crazy


Like Hudson said treasure wars doesn’t need kits bc treasure wars is better without kits tdh


Hey boo, didn’t realize you were on the forums!

I think the upgrade and shopkeeper unlocks are rlly good ideas, but as Hudson said, it could get chaotic.


ok. and hi Louis btw

K, i didnt know

yeah, but I would like to see them as LTM maybe

I like the idea but I don’t the idea of having kits in treasure wars.


What is the point of having a treasure if you can respawn without it.


God and Voider ruins the point of having a treasure (could also make games last longer)
Warrior, builder and miner ruins the point of having an ender chest (Builder may increase the amount of rushers and miner is useless)

i would want shopkeeper and generator bot skins, but tw kits isn’t really good in my opinion

Yo what the hell did you do to splodger :scream::scream::scream::scream:

Yeah I think people should just spawn with a wooden axe cz it deals three damage

The kits would be too op (most of them) and it just wouldnt be as fun to play.

Warrior kit - you can just kill easily early game everyone
Miner kit - actually seems ok but still not very useful
Builder - everyone would immediatly rush
Voider and god are just too op and unbalanced

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Random fact is that the shopkeepers name is Dave.


Miner kit is better than warrior because you get tools and the stone axe almost deals the same damage as stone sword.

Jump off and get blocks, balanced

wait really? XD