Treasure Wars Tournament S2

Treasure Wars Tournament Pls Join PVP

If you want to make a tournament don’t just do TW tournament join pls pls pls do something more formal and more detailed. second of all no one is gonna join if there is no prize.

Third of all some times people don’t like to join a random tourney hosted by someone who they don’t even know, try to spend some time on the forums and get you well known before making a tourney with at least 1 prize and a detailed info about it.

speaking of tournament do you know how i can join swarms?

Welcome to the forums!
I think this topic should be in #off-topic:clans-groups, and could you give us a bit more information, maybe if there’s discord server or tell us about the prize

uhhhhh i can join 4 fun

my ign is kkd178

how do i join anyways?

Swarms isn’t even released yet

Ik but people still make clans

You can join clans by maybe joining discord servers or search hive clans

I tried but could not find sny active one

Will swarms even come out?

Post closed due to lack of information about the tournament.