Treasure Wars Teammates Bug

Treasure Wars Teammate Bug

Please fix this bug Hive!

Whenever I join a team game other than Mega, I dont have any teammates. It’s only me. I tried playing every one, but I dont get teammates, except for Mega. I dont like playing Treasure Wars anmore because of this. Please fix this.

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Please put this in #server-bug-reports instead of suggestions, thank you!

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I don’t believe this is a bug. What’s likely happening is that all of the other teams are in parties - especially Treasure Wars Trios and Squads. If you’d like teammates, consider joining or creating a party yourself. However, joining a game of squads or duos should at least get you one teammate most of the time :slight_smile:


There are solos, duos, trios, and squads, you will most likely have team mates with you almost every game you play so I wouldn’t say this is really a bug, just not enough players joining or they leave quickly making you the only person.

That happens to me to. I have literally been in a 1v4v4.
If you want to have team mates i suggest playing in a party.


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Just as everyone else has said, this is not a bug. There is a chance you could be solo in a team-based game if the other players are in a party, or your assigned team mate leaves the game before the game starts.

We have no control over this, so your best bet would be to just keep re-queueing games until you end up getting a team mate or play with friends in a party, so you can be guaranteed a team mate.

In the future, if you find any bugs, please report them here: Server Bug Reports - The Hive Forums

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