Treasure Wars Team upgrades

Like protection, sharpness, it’s a trap, heal, and other things, basically upgrades like hypixels

Firstly, welcome to the forums!

Second, the Hive wants their minigames to be considered original.

To make SG a original game instead of a copy, they did some modifications like:

  • Crate blocks instead of chests
  • A supply crate custom entity
  • A modified cow entity

If they made it exactly like Hypixel, it would be considered a copy, even though Bed Wars and Treasure Wars are not the same games.

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doesnt fit tw like at all


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here’s the thing about this, with having protection and sharpness, it will make the hive look like they are trying to slowly inch towards hypixel, mineplex, and other servers which isn’t their goal.
if they focused on other features, for instance a resource you’d get for killing someone, (not a suggestion, just random thing) then they could possibly being going farther out from other servers.