Treasure Wars tactics!

Hello I am here to ask, what’s your favourite tactic on Treasure Wars? :bed:

Maybe you like to :honeybee: defensive and cover your bed with a lot of blocks? :shield:

Or rush a lot and win games so fast? :crossed_swords:

My tactic is really based on type but generally I like to rush a lot haha

So on TW solo I generally rush to Diamond island :large_blue_diamond: and then to opposite island to get their treasure! My favourite map there is Castle :european_castle:

On TW duos, one person rush diamond :large_blue_diamond: and then our enemies and second person rush middle island so we can reach more players. My favourite map is Cityscape there! :star_struck:

And on TW Squads one person rush middle then other teammates get wool to get on other player islands!!! And I can’t really choose my favourite map there O_O

How about you? How do you play Treasure Wars?


My tactics in solo is rush diams for level :up: my generator then rush my neighbour, i rush mid for rush all enemy, but my weak point is I defend :shield: my treasure.


I wait first to cover my bed in concrete just for some solid bed defense then I rush.


I always go get some diamonds first to upgrade the gold generator, I don’t know why tbh.


Always rush mid except for solos the rush your neighbour


Take it easy. Go for diamonds, then emeralds…


Instead of going to mid I bridge to everyones bases and take them out 1 by 1 EZPZ


The only way I can win is if I don’t play. It’s quite sad.


I take 5 gold, buy me wool. Go to mid. Take all diamonds. Go to base to buy me a diamond sword.
Upgrade the bot. Go to mid egain and go back to buy diamond armor. After that I buy bridge builders and bridge safe to the enemies and destroy them. After that me and my team win the round. :heart_eyes: :blush:


Interesting tactics! I personally like to play squads and rush all the other teams as fast as I can.


I get my teammates to bridge… and take out the Treasures… and kill the other players… and protect our Treasure. It’s quite a lot of work for me to do to be honest. :tired_face:


Well I have a few strategies.

Plan 1. (Solos)

  1. Bridge to dia gen.
  2. Upgrade gold gen.
  3. Bridge to nearby players island and destroy it.
  4. Go back to island and cover treasure in concrete.
  5. Buy chain armour, iron sword, etc.
  6. Bridge to mid.
  7. Get emerald to upgrade gen and get diamond sword and armour.
  8. Slaughter everyone.

Plan 2. (Duos)

  1. Tell teammate to defend the treasure.
  2. Do Plan 1.

Plan 3. (Squads)

  1. Bridge to mid.
  2. Collect emeralds.
  3. Bridge to another island after banking the emeralds.
  4. Kill the enemy team and destroy their treasure.
  5. Repeatedly kill the other 2 teams as they come to mid so they give up and stop going to mid.
  6. Buy full diamond.
  7. Kill the other 2 teams and destroy their treasures.

Thanks for the different strategies!

My favourite thing to do is join treasure wars squads with friends and rush every team as fast as we can. We assign each person to one colour and it is their job to eliminate that team.


Personally, I aggressively rush mid, get 8 emeralds, come back, (picking up diamonds on the way back) fully upgrade my generator, get a diamond sword/chain armour, then go back to mid to get diamond armour. From there i jump-place to the top of mid and Auto bridge to a base. It’s important to be in the air because the one place people never look is up. From there, I sometimes wait in sneak on their roof for them to be in the shop, and then sneak attack! From there I destroy their treasure/ kill them.

You may have noticed: my chest is completely unprotected… Yes. You just have to get used to losing your chest. It’s been worth it for me. Now I just need to get better at PvP…


I’d say in duos rush the island next to you and let your teammate follow you with a stone sword


Wow, we have nearly exactly the same tactics, except on TW Squads if I’m in a party we each try to take one team, and leave one person behind to make a quick defense. Most rounds we can end within three minutes, but you never know who you will be up against. My favorite squads map is Hanging Gardens :seedling: because it takes less wool to get to mid.


My tactic is bridging to the emerald and diamond island , then crafting the items i need, fighting my neighbors and level up the team generators.

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What if someone’s beaten you to the emeralds and is camping the emerald spawners?


I go for the diamonds in all variants like I do for emeralds on Cake Wars on Mineplex. The reason being is that bows are op. But if anyone bridges from my island, I cover the treasure just as a precaution. Though if someone is flying, I will try to cover the treasure ASAP or stand in front of it (though not the best strategy, but what else am I to do, not guard it?). Regardless, there should be an anti-cheat system that prevents the fun from being ruined like that.


No ajax.Youll win because the community will support or carry you!:wink: :smile:(luv u ajax)