Treasure wars pirate

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I am getting really confused on the treasure wars pirate person who represents the game, I have seen a male pirate and a female pirate. Why does it keep changing when I log in? Is it something I’m doing or is it a game feature.

they did an update in the hub a while ago that added male and female versions of the npcs that switch out, probably just to promote equality. :slight_smile:


Yes, There is a Male and Female version for Murder Mystery, Skywars and Just Build! :slight_smile:

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There was a male and female version of SW Just build?

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Yes, There is a one For Survival Games and Block Drop

no wonder why i saw a purple and blue npc for block drop, is the blue one the male ver?

Its cos equality.everyone equal.personaly I don’t care about the npc I just like the game

Yes! (20 Characters)