Treasure Wars Mega - Bug

Affected Service (Treasure Wars Mega):
False Final Kill Message

What is the bug?
For some reason in treasure wars mega the final kill message randomly pops up before either team’s treasure is destroyed. Hopefully it doesn’t count as a legitimate final kill.

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Has anybody else experienced this and if so, would you be able to provide a video?

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He might be talking about when somebody disconnects that the last player to hit them gets the final kill.
I believe this isn’t a bug


I have experienced this before, but I’m guessing it’s due to a player being attacked, then leaving the game. This would probably display the message, as the game thinks that they were killed by another player.

EDIT: @BlueSlimeMC and I posted this at the exact same time - thought people might be confused.


I believe he is refering to TW-MEGA since the final kill messages are displayed when a team member dies even if all treasures are not destroyed.


I’ve had this multiple times, I’ll try to provide a vid once I have the time to play MEGA from my grind in TW

That’s exactly what keeps happening. Really strange.

ThanPixel and I explained it… it’s just people disconnecting or going to the lobby, probably while raging, after being killed by someone… This applies to all treasure wars modes and should not be changed.


Okay if it’s not a bug then maybe @Splodg3r could close this report then. Sorry.