Treasure Wars for Dummies (A Treasure Wars Guide)

Treasure Wars for Dummies (A Treasure Wars Guide)

Really quick just wanted to introduce myself. I’m ceoricon. you can call me Ceo or Chris, whatever you prefer. I’m making this topic because a lot of people struggle with Treasure Wars, so yeah. I think I’m pretty fit to make this considering I have an account at level 48 (prestige 1), and another at 75. All together I have 2673 wins (not accurate since I actively play. View my main stats here and my alt stats here), and a 50% W/L ratio (not that great since I really sucked before). Anyways that’s all, you can continue reading.

1. The Basics

What is Treasure Wars?

Treasure Wars is a minigame on the Hive Bedrock Server. Depending on who you ask, it’s the most or second most popular minigame on the server. All teams have a treasure. That treasure gives you infinite lives until it is broken. Once it’s broken, you’re on your final life and you won’t respawn. Gold ingots spawn at your island, in which you can buy okay items and gear in the shopkeeper, which looks like this.


Diamonds spawn at side islands which give medium items and gear. Emerald spawn in the middle which give powerful items and gear. There are multiple maps, items, and strategies that I will be talking about in this post to help you get better at Treasure Wars.

How to Join a Game

There are 3 ways to join a Treasure Wars:

  1. In game, open chat, and type the following commands
    “/q wars” for solos
    “/q wars-duos” for duos
    “/q wars-trios” for trios
    “/q wars-squads” for squads
    “/q wars-mega” for mega

  2. When you’re in hub, walk forward past the animal bundle. Then on the left you’ll see the Treasure Wars NPC. Go ahead and click that, select your mode and you’ll be transferred into the queue lobby.

  3. When you’re in hub, you have a compass in your hotbar. Right click that and select Treasure Wars, then the mode you want to play.

Treasure Wars NPC and Modes

When you click on the Treasure Wars NPC, you will be greeted with this pop up.

Pop Up

As you can see in the image, there are 5 modes; solos (one player team), duos (two player team), trios (three player team), squads (four player team), and mega (twelve player team). For solos and duos, there are 8 teams. Trios and squads have 4 teams, mega has 2 teams. Solos. duos, and mega have their own maps, while trios and squads share the same maps. Solos and duos have one gold generator, while trios and squads have two. Mega has six gold generators.

XP, Levels, and Unlocks

All modes except for mega have the same EXP rewards: kills are 5XP, final kills (killing someone who doesn’t have a treasure) are 10XP, destroying a treasure and winning a game are both 50XP. For mega, 4XP a kill, 8XP for each final kill, 30XP for destroying a treasure, and 50XP for winning. Treasure Wars is one of the two minigames that have 100 levels. As you go on, each level (until level 62) requires more XP to level up. After level 52, each level needs 7650 XP to level up. You can find the exact XP you need to level up here. Unlocks are given out when you level up, they don’t happen every level. These unlocks include different treasures, hub titles, avatars, auto-bridgers, kill messages, and treasure particles. At level 75, you get the Treasure Hoarder costume, which can be seen in the image below.


As for the hub titles and avatars you get from leveling up, they can be seen below as well.

Hub Titles



When you prestige, all your in game unlocks and levels reset. You must reach 100 levels to do so. In return, you get 500 Quest Points and an icon next to your name in chat. You also get an exclusive hub title and avatar to show you prestiged! To prestige, you need 100 levels, and you can use a trophy in your third slot to prestige. When you prestige, you can’t reverse the action. You can find a video of someone prestiging here!

Presitge I

Presitge II

Presitge III

Presitge IV


Presitge V

need image


There are two ways to find the Treasure Wars leaderboard:

  1. do /leaderboard in game, selecting “Treasure Wars”, then choose what leaderboard you’d like to see.
  2. you can visit this website to see your personal monthly stats, and this website for overall monthly leaderboard.

Leaderboard points are for wins only. Each point = one win.


Depending on what device you use, you’ll have a bar in the top right or top middle of your screen. For now we’ll call this “the bar”.

The Bar


The thing on the very left of the bar is how many teams are left (this was done in a custom server, so there’s only one team left). Next is the sword icon. The number to the right of the icon will show how many kills you have over the course of the game you’re in currently. Next is the time left in the game. Pretty simple, nothing else to explain. The last icon shows you’re in a custom server. This won’t show up if you’re playing casually so you don’t need to worry about it for now.


When you queue a Treasure Wars game, you’ll be greeted with two things: One, the “Back to Hub” floating car. Pretty self-explanatory. To the right you’ll see a treasure chest. That’s your locker.

Locker and Hub

Clicking/tapping it will pull up a tab where you can select cosmetics you’ve received from leveling up. It will look like this.


If you walk forward about 30 blocks, you’ll see there’s a small parkour. It’s pretty simple, although I challenge you to get in one of the windows.


When you spawn in, turn around, and you’ll see your lifetime statistics.


After you spawn in, turn to the left, and you’ll cross a bridge to the podium. This is where the top three players in the game we’ll be placed.


Other Information

Treasure Wars games last 25 minutes, sudden death happening at 10 minutes left, meaning all treasures will be destroyed. You can upgrade your island’s gold generators with two diamonds by right clicking the Upgrade Bot 9000 next to the generator. You can fully upgrade your generator’s speed by using two emeralds.

2. Strategies

Key Words

People playing in parties use abbreviations so it’s quicker to type. Here are some words you’ll need to know:

  • KB = Knockback
  • BB = Block breaker
  • Def = Defend/Defense
  • INC = Incoming
  • RQ = Requeue
  • Teamwipe = Killing a whole team by yourself
  • Target = Going specifically for someone, ignoring everyone else
  • GG = Good game
  • GL = Good luck
  • GF = Good fight
  • HF = Have fun
  • Ems = Emerald
  • Dia = Diamond
  • Mid = Middle Island (where emeralds spawn)
  • Bypass = Getting past another teams players
  • Stall - Camping around another teams base so your team can collect resources
  • Gen - Generators
Message from soapmochi (Hive Helper)

“…on a rare occasion the abbreviations can lead to communication suspensions as they can get picked up as spam, so careful not to overuse them!”


Bridging is very important in the game of Treasure Wars. There’s a void in between each island, so other then auto-bridgers, you’ll need to learn how to bridge quickly. I’ve linked some videos which include (for PC, controller, and Nintendo Switch only) Jump Bridging and MJ Bridging, which are both the fastest possible ways to bridge in Bedrock Edition. I recommend starting out with learning to Jump Bridge first, then MJ Bridge, as MJ Bridging is a complicated version of Jump Bridging. Those videos can be found here, and here. Mobile Speed Bridging can be found here.

Unwritten Rules of Treasure Wars

  • Always use your team chest, one gold or diamond could save you from losing a fight.
  • Never take a fight with someone who has more gear then you when you don’t have a treasure. From time to time you can take a fight with someone who has better gear then you, as sometimes you can tell if they’re less skillful (Just make sure you have a treasure).
  • Don’t be toxic. It’s simple. It gives you a bad reputation.


Defending is boring. I get it. But if you’re in a really stressful game and you’re not winning any fights, defending is important. This is why getting level 3 generators quickly is very important. Using different types of blocks, such as wood, concrete in a pattern, it takes a split second for them to change slots, but that split second can change the outcome of the fight. Glass is very important as well if you’re playing against a sweaty team. They will most likely buy a block breaker, which can be devastating for your defense. Also buy a few swords and put them in your team chest. If you’re under heavy attacks you most likely won’t have time to run over to the generators, pick up gold, run back to the shop, and buy a sword. Your treasure will most likely be destroyed by then.

Offense and Attacking

The key to offense is pressure.

  • Solos - The best tactic is to collect 5 gold, buy blocks, and bridge to the diamond generator across from your island. You should build up a bit so if you lose the fight there, the opponent has to take a few seconds to build up to your bridge. If you lose the fight at the diamond gen, buy a sword and go back in. If you win the fight or the opponent hasn’t bridged to the generator yet, continue to bridge over to their island. If you have time, pick up their gold so they can’t buy a sword, then get their treasure and eliminate them. The best maps to play for solos are Mushroom, Library, Castle, and Neighborhood. All four of these maps take 32 or less blocks to get to someone else’s island. No defense is strongly encouraged (for the first fight), as you’ll get to the diamond generator quicker. From there, bridge to middle and upgrade your generator to max level. That way, you can buy chain armor fast, therefore having a huge advantage over your opponents. Then, you can rush your opponents.

  • Duos - For the first rush, you want to buy 5 gold and spend it on blocks and bridge over directly to there island. Do not bridge to the diamond generator, as you won’t have enough blocks to get over to the opponent’s island. If you the other team is rushing you as well, bring your teammate along with you (This is assuming you’re in a party). If the other team isn’t rushing you, your teammate should also get 5 gold, but buy a sword to eliminate the opponents. If you do not win the fight, Whoever spawns first should go an attack, and stall while your teammate (or you) buy a sword and go back in. The best maps for duos are Gates, Easter Egg, and Cityscapes. From there, do the same as you would in solos: upgrade your generator to max level, get chain armor, and rush your opponents.

  • Trios/Squads - Coming soon

  • Mega - Coming soon

Dealing With Cheaters

Cheaters, hackers, losers, same thing. Some hackers have anti-kb, some bhop, some reach, some have everything. Some of the hackers you meet will be quite literally impossible to beat as some of them have an insane amount of cheats. If someone is reaching, the best thing to do is keep your distance and use a bow or snowballs. Same thing with anti-kb, accept no snowballs. For bhopping, bows work as well, but keep your distance. Unless you’re really good at aiming, you won’t be able to kill them close range.


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