Treasure Wars Ending Scores

As a Minecraft java, and bedrock player, I have noticed a unique feature to Java servers(Like Hypixel) and copies (Nethergames, hyperlands and etc), the ending scores displayers, the ones which show who got how many kills and top killers who broke beds and etc. For ordinary players, this might be useless, but this opens a door for the competitive side of hive(Can’t tell why, but it will(, should hive add an end scores system? Or should they not? Honestly saying (as a scrimmer and competitive player) they should.
What’s your opinion on this?

Stats can be done (I don’t know how hard) but could be an option as playing a casual game of tw or even mm I don’t need to know who got to mid the quickest (joking lol, not a stat, /j /j)


i agree with u. btw welcome to the forums! :blobheart: :hearts:

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Ya that would be pretty cool and I would like it cause I got a lot of treasures broken

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thanks I was a bit late ig