Treasure wars changes

I’m probably the only one thinking this but treasure wars is the worst game in the hive. You can’t have fun because the game is over as it starts.

I think a warm-up like skyward would be beneficial.
I feel people just end the game too soon to have any fun.

Or maybe even a while seperate gamemode just for rushing.

Anything to let us people who enjoy a longer game have fun. All the modes are just lame.

This is a good idea tbh
maybe they can add it so pvp is disabled for the first minute

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7,000 people who are playing Treasure Wars right now would like to speak with you

this is just another post about someone complaining about people being better then them

so no, it’s not a good idea


Yayyyy another post to make treasure wars a long paced game

Also pretty sure this is a dupe

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First of all, this should be in #suggestions,
Second, You can have fun…many of us do!
Third, complaining won’t fix anything
Foruth, a warm up would be WAY to slow

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They’re not actually better than me
They decide to not let people have fun. I can combo them into oblivion after but now it’s useless because it’s skywars but everyone else can respawn.

How? Nothing is wrong with sweats

7000 people are playing treasure wars rn

You can respawn too

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then why are you complaining?

Did you forget about the part where the people who don’t let people have fun kinda… You know…

Because it’s skywars but everyone else can respawn.

No I don’t know, a lot of people have fun including me

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How does one have fun spending more time in a game lobby than you do playing the game.

WHat are you talking about? The games fill up quickly

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then just "combo them into oblivion again :slight_smile:

also thats the points of treasure wars- you respawn until your treasure is broken


With people who don’t like fun.
Some people like a lengthy game. Which doesn’t ever happen.

i’d also like to state your points (which are still wrong) have nothing to do with your original post

Because why let every single player and their grandmother stay alive for 15 minutes

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So they can enjoy the game.

NO. Not our fault if we are better than others… I don’t have time to wait on someone to get a good 15 minute game