Treasure Wars But I Can't Use Weapons (video)

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Was it you’re intention to go inside the villager?

yea its a gamer strart cause its harder to hit someone when their in the shop keeper

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It’s a cheap strat though

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Yeah its a bit cheap, using the fact the shop is an entity to block yourself getting hit by an opponent is scummy lol


CHEAP STRAT? No its a wuss strat that gets ya reported.


its not against the rules so i mean it might be a lil scum but if its not against the rules i dont see the problem

Eh, its kinda in the grey area

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Is it a glitch?? They could fix it if they wanted to by adding invisible bedrock. In my eyes it’s not a glitch.

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thank you my point its not against the rules

it is a glitch… it’s definitely not intended


It is a glitch. Its intended to make you highly un-killable. Its a scum move and its a wuss move.

Either way its annoying as hell


if it was a glitch they would have patched it by now i dont know why u guys are so flamed rn

they’re rolling one big update out… still don’t use it please, you’re not hiding from a cheater


I did a Video like this before (Not bragging or anything) (Pls Don’t judged me)

so you hid in the shop…

You could’ve used a pickaxe.
Why, you might ask?

Because pickaxes are labelled as tools and not weapons

is the Axe a weapon or a tool though?

  • Weapon
  • Tool
  • Both things

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thats neat but no ones gonna clickon a video that says i cant use swords thats boaring