Treasure Wars- Break Through Defense(One Block)

Affected Service (Treasure Wars)
Fairness of the game

This bug allows you to literally break a treasure through a one block defense, I tested it a bit and found out that it doesn’t matter what material has made the defense, it breaks through it anyways.
Found the bug after I encountered a cheater that broke my treasure and aura’d on me at the same time. I decided to test a bit and I found you can break treasures through one block, but cheaters have an extra block if they decide to toggle reach(Not confirmed, only because the cheater broke my treasure through my 2 block defense.)

Minecraft 1.16.40 - PC

1.) Position yourself from where im pointing with my cursor.

2.)Aim downwards like this, it helps if you outline selection since it’ll disappear when you aim like shown.

3.)From there just hit the treasure and it’ll just get destroyed.

Note: I haven’t tested extensively, needs confirmation whether this can applied at different angles, etc.


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This issue has been fixed :slight_smile:

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