Treasure Wars Balance update

In my honest opinion i dont think they should add anything new but fix what they currently have. New things can come later. I play t wars all day and im a really calculated player. Diamond armor is really broken making it hypixel style with only bottom half diamond would be nice and fixing the price. But i think what they should do is just nerf how strong it is by 16 to 20%. Basically 4/5 the number of hits it would take to kill a person in diamond armor currently. I also think iron armors price should go down to 20diamonds or 24 diamonds because its barely ever used and its just really over priced. 3rd pearls shouldnt do that much damage. Either make them do no damage or make them do 1.5 hearts 2.5 is just too great. Finally goldon apples are far too expensive make them 3 emeralds they will be used a lot more but will still be scarce. In my opinion and in some of my friends these changes are extremely reasonable and would really make the minigame more balanced. This would make the game more fair in general and competitive players would like it a lot because they all complain about diamond armor. Thank you if u read this.

Gaps price was lowered to 5 diamonds but they need to remove the cap. For dia armer i kind of agree but i beat dia armer all the time. All you really have to do is get them on a bridge and jump over them