Treasure wars autobridger bug

Treasure Wars

What is the bug?
This bug is when u place the auto bridger. thought it ws fixed in sw kits but its also in tw now

Device(s) & Version
Windows 11, 1.18.12

Screenshots and/or video:



Thanks for taking the time to submit this bug report.

For this particular issue, we’d appreciate more info to accurately replicate the bug. If anyone else is also having this problem, please let me know! Any videos are helpful, as well as the replay ID which the game took place.

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I was spamming the auto bridgers, and this one gltiched out, but its the first time, im am also the only one who saw that,and would seem like i was flying

Hey! Just to clear this up, i was in the cs with @xL1ghtning1729 :smiley: .

I already watched the replay, he was spamming the autobridgers and one of them just placed down like a block, it is not visible from the replay or any player, only for the player who placed the „block“

I think this is similar to the builder kit autobridger bug that happened at the release of skywars kits, it has been fixed.
I hope i could help! :slight_smile:


yes tis even happened to me no one lese can see that block and if you stand on that block and jump again and agin u will get kicked

Max do u know what’s the replay ID? (If u have it ofc:D)

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Hello :wave:

Thanks for submitting a bug report.

Unfortunately, this is a client-side issue, which we have no control over.

Only you can see it, and it can be fixed by simply relogging.

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