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This category is for reporting issues with any of our translations. When submitting a report, please be sure to follow the template, and provide as much information as possible.

This section is specifically for translation issues, if you wish to report an issue unrelated to our translations, please do so here. Try to keep the discussion here concise and on-topic.

Please only submit reports if you are fluent in the language concerned.

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Translation Bug Reporting

  • You should be fluent in the language you are reporting a problem with; do not use Google Translate or any other translation tools.
  • Title your report with a short summary of the issue.
  • Please follow the template provided, and include all of the information requested.
  • Please only report issues with existing translations, please do not report missing translations.
  • Please make it clear where the text is
  • Read before posting. Your issue may have been reported already.
  • Post all info you can provide!
  • If you have any questions about translations, please contact @Splodg3r.

Please use the following template:

Affected Language:
Which language does this issue affect?

Affected Service (Game name, hub, or menu):
Where is the affected text?

Affected Text:
Please type the text, exactly as it appears in-game

Suggested Text:
Please type your suggested correction/improvement

Explanation of Issue:
What is wrong with the text, and why would your suggested improvement be better?

Screenshots and/or video:
Screenshot of the affected text

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