Trading Game⠀

Who wants a clone of Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls?

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I do, I would like the yellow triangle man
What will you trade for a @King_Leo_569

Mirabel from Encanto but she’s wearing a bee costume.

Now @King_Leo_569 is forced to join my alliance of couches!

Who wants Tiny Jens and Tiny Agnes?

I’ll trade you my Minecraft Avatar…

Now what would you offer for my 2018 Quest Master Skin?

I will give you a Rare Potion that will give you luck and wealth in exchange for the 2018 Quest Master Skin.

Who wants a Puppy?

I’m in!

Now how 'bout meeting Notch?

40000009929292877482199283847574822929928484839919 Olympian Dollars and the actual
Pandora’s Box.

Who wants a Cubee, Alley and Blue Axolotl in a Box?

I would trade a diamond block for that
What would you give me for a wall.

A block of cheese worth 1 Million USD in exchange for the wall.

Who wants a Box of Kittens? The cats are very expensive and luxurious. They are also the top 10 cutest kittens in the world!

Me as a loyal fren

Give me all your other minecraft friends’s minecraft account

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all your minecraft friends accounts
0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 minecoins
Edit: jus realized i bumped this

What would you trade for a Splodg3r Plushie?


What are you offering for Black Cat Costume?

10 human souls A rare Pikachu card
What would you offer for 60k minecoins?

My soul

Clankstar Elsa dress pictures

Anything you want
Drip Spoldger pictures

Grian’s Waffle Hair

What would you trade for a Robot Bear (The Robot also is obsessed with Tea and Biscuits, or in other words cookies.)

Another miniature robo-bear

Mrbeast but Pokemon

What would you trade for a “FawnBongo51045 but Cartoon”?

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