Towering Above the Hieght Limit

I first found this in the Snow Wars game mode.
From what I noticed, all maps in the Snow Wars game have this bug. The most prevalent are Town, Station, Gingerbread, and Santa’s workshop.

So to tower above the height limit, one needs to crouch jump with their back towards the wall they wish to ascend. Continue to crouch jump placing blocks below oneself creating a tower. The message will say how blocks can’t be placed outside build limits, however if one continues this can be overridden. The new blocks are not permenat and will eventually disappear, but with a high enough tower and some parkour skills, it is possible to stay on or even go beyond the play area.

I play Mobile on iOS. I play with the newest version of Minecraft, which I think is 1.18.2 as of December 30th.

Screen shots I captured above the Town and Icey Outpost maps.

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Thank you for submitting a bug report. This issue has already been reported and logged.

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