Totally TreasureWars Feedback and not just a baby ranting about Bedrock PVP

Played a few games, got mad, and now here I am complaining on the forums

  1. Knockback
    Although I do understand having a higher defense would probably mean also being harder to topple over, I feel like a player in iron should NOT be rendered completely immobile to my attacks from an iron sword. Players without any armor also take way too much knockback from… any source of damage. Two hits and you’re sent into the sky like a pebble.

Please nerf the knockback for lower tiers of armor, and buff the knockback on higher tiers of armor so that it feels more fair and rewarding to get a kill.

  1. Spawncamping
    One thing I’ve noticed is that players really like to spawn camp instead of attack your treasure. They just do it. I’ve been in a few games where I would get attacked, and due to unfair knockback, lose the fight because he has some KB Protection 5 enchantment on his armor. This would lead to very futile fights of me trying to reclaim my base so that I could prepare against him, only to die miserably because there’s no spawn protection.

Please add spawn protection to prevent kill-farming on players who have respawned. I’d say a 10 second to maybe even 20 second spawn protection would be nice to have.

  1. Economy
    This one’s just a nitpick more than anything. I find it quite odd that Blast-Proof glass, which is a very game-changing block because of how treasures work, is 1 emerald per block instead of 1 diamond per block. I feel like it would be a bit better if blast-proof glass costed 6 diamonds for 1 block or 1 emerald for a batch of blocks (Maybe 3-4 blocks per emerald.)

  2. Treasure Vulnerability
    As of now, treasures seem awfully vulnerable. One hit and they’re gone. You’d honestly expect more from such a heavy box of gold, but… no. Tapping on it makes it disappear like dust. You could try implementing something so that Treasures have more durability (Maybe a health system of sorts for treasures?)

tl;dr pls fix pvp, spawncamping, blastproof glass prices and treasure durability :sob::sob::sob:

update! i have long since realized that a good heap of my complaints are just me being… as the title suggests, a baby ranting about Bedrock PvP. idk how to lock the thread but just, don’t comment ty.

Pretty sure armor doesnt reduce kb

The only enchanted armor in treasure wars is the iron chest plate and that has protection 1 on

there is already spawn protection?

thats why you put defence on it lol

Thats been suggested before, please use the search bar before you suggest something


As far as I’ve seen, I’ve been able to get killed as soon as I spawn. This could be something in TW Solos, but… who knows.

Also, from my experience, the player with better armor has gotten reduced knockback. Did some testing in game to confirm this.

The KB Prot 5 thing was a joke.

I think with your first 2 points you’re either just salty or you haven’t done any other bedrock servers, knockback on bedrock is generally pretty awful, but on the hive it is fine, and armour doesn’t change your kb at all.

I agree with your 3rd point, but for your 4th point I don’t think the hive could change treasures from a single hit entity unless they made them mutiple hits like the cakes in cakewars.


this could literally just be me being mad for dying once to someone in iron armor and all of my points would be invalidated instantly

dont you hear the sound when someone hits you when youve just respawned? Thats the spawn prot in action

Hmm. I’ll have to see more but I’ve never actually felt/heard the spawn protection in action. Just feels like I get killed instantly.

Spawn prot is only a few seconds FWIW

Really? How many seconds does it take for someone to hit you once you respawned?

Probably 2 seconds. Haven’t counted for sure, but I’m definitely getting hit and knocked back as soon as I spawn

I havent seen this before. Could you show a clip?

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Could try but I don’t have anything to record with.

Spawn protection is like 3-4 seconds. Also if any one just repeats on killing you over and over again without even making an attempt to get your treasure thats spawn killing and its against the rules. Clip them doing it and report them on the hive discord.

Rip. Ill try it out myself with some friends tonight.

I just tried it out myself, armour seems to have no difference whatsoever on the kb someone takes


I see. When I’ve played, players with diamond armor seemed to be taking less knockback or none at all. Guess I’m just delusional lol

20 second spawn prot **** no. That would make campy players treasures annoying to get. This is a bad idea.

Kb i agree with but i feel like kb is just garbage any general and it needs to be increased sightly

Treasures are fine the way they are we don’t want it to become lifeboat

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Yeah, looking back at 20 sec. spawn prot would be HELL. I overestimated there

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yeah, 20 seconds is a lot longer than when you think about it lol here’s my testing of if armour affects kb in treasure wars, based on my testing it doesn’t, sorry for the awful audio quality and my brother in the background