Top 75 sky wars players by k/d

only the top 75 players of each month by victories are considered

may 2020:

june 2020:


Cool!!! Also, welcome to the forums!!!

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Inssaniity must have some pretty insane pvp skills.


OMG I am not even close to any of them

I mean, I have almost 6000 kills, but I fall in the void too much lol

Edit: I just checked, and I have a KD of about 10, so this graph is a scam lol

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I would be around where nightlockerz is in terms of kd ratio, which adds up

theres bound to be someone not on lb with a higher kd

It only counts leaderboard players unfortunately

the post is now updated for june 2020.

some analysis:
as you can see we have a couple of cool new faces at the top. Insaniity lost his first place to Aberdear who almost hits the 35 k/d ratio. last month the best k/d was 25 which means that we can say that the average pvp skill of the top players increased (almost by 10) over the past few weeks.

have a nice weekend y’all. peace

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That is kinda dumb. Some of these ppl have like 1 kdr.

I decided not to count every players stats because

a) this would result in a leaderboard which is filled with cheaters.
b) I’ve experienced too many bugs with the individual stats in the Hive API. Only monthly leaderboards always seem to work as intended.
c) there is no way to trick these stats. Imagine winning 10 games in a row with like 8 kills per game and then stopping to play for this month - then you’d had a k/d ratio of 80 which is not representative for your pvp skill because it’s not an average value. Maths.


Wait wait wait wait wait you did not do
“games played”-“victories” to get number of deaths, did you? Because you cannot get deaths through the api. If so then all this is all flawed because most grinders play squads so when teammate dies they can still win, so this is doing all the “kills a person has"÷"how many losses they have” which is STUPID

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Since deaths can’t be accessed using the API like BlueSlimeMC mentioned, maybe you can change the graphs to show Kill/GamesPlayed instead.

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