Too many cleaners in SG DM

Please add some kind of anti-clean sistem in deathmatches. Maybe give players some healing after getting a kill. I’ve had so many 5+ kills games that I lost because I just got cleaned in DM.

its a strategy and try to fight back

You already get health from kills


bruh its a legit strategy, just learn to watch your back when looting and fight back


Off topic but wat is the texture pack

I didn’t have time to dodge or strafe when he was coming towards me while snowballing me and he just comboed me easily. I’m a PE player, so I can’t W-tap or block-hit, so I’m literally just screwed whenever I get straightline comboed. Btw my pack is Baby Blue 16x

It’s the way to win so what, you can’t attack a player when they are on low health but they get hearts back and can hit u. Seems to OP also it’s kinda bad doing this because it’s removing a strategy that’s not something to OP like bow spamming but instead uses actual skills

It’s like saying I can’t win because idk the Strats so remove this
Or like removing people that can combo and w tap in the air. It’s a strat

So either u play how it’s supposed to be and learn the Strats or just play something else

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Cleaning is part of the game. I think it’s fine as it is in my opinion. Also, you already get some health on kills so I think that’s enough

On the bedrock edition, block-hitting isn’t possible. On java however it is a feature in 1.8. Since the hive is. Bedrock server, block-hitting shouldnt be a problem, but I agree that mobile players have other dissadvantegs like W-tapping.

i only suggested to nerf cleaners, because they’re literally everywhere (and just saying, cleaning doesn’t really take much skill imo). It’s not fun when everyone just waits for others to fight so they can clean them, until the most stacked guy there makes the first move. I don’t wanna be like that.

guys i have the most brilliant idea!!

lets give health when killing people

it was already added

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ok, no need to be sarcastic, geez

PE players can kind of w tap once you get them in a combo, but that’s pretty hard to do against win10 players so I just try to strafe.

On the topic of cleaning just don’t play agressively, especially since your pe. Fight against the cleaners by becoming one lol.

if you get straightline comboed turn around I can show an example if u want

block hit’s don’t even exist on hive

:(. Blockhitting is the 2nd best thing in 1.8 pvp. Bedrock is basically 1.8 so idk why they didn’t transfer blockhitting

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i try not to clean but then the people stop fighting and try to kill me /;

Probably because you wouldn’t be able to blockhit on mobile


Alright bit late here but as AdeptConqueror mentioned, you do get like 3 hearts after a kill which kinda solves this issue, and in all honesty I don’t get cleaned alot in deathmatch as much as I get 2v1ed or sandwiched, but you can’t fix the latter 2 and they are just part of the game.

I guess one way to somewhat fix this is make it so you get a bit of strength after a kill, but honestly I feel like with hive sg’s loot tables that could cause more issues than it would solve, so fn its fine lol