Toggles reminder

I think that /toggles is a bit too ‘hidden’ even though it has very useful features. My suggestion is to help people become more aware of /toggles in some way. I only found out /toggles existed because forumers like to spam it on any QoL feature lol

My ideas are:

A) In chat it occasionally says “Change privacy settings using /toggles”, or “Use /toggles to disable this notification and change other helpful settings”, or anything along those lines

B) At the top of the friends list or party GUI, in green it says “Manage friend/party invites with /toggles”

C) Add an item in the hotbar that opens the toggles menu

Give feedback if you wanna I don’t really care

Or maybe the /toggles menu could just be in an item in your hotbar like the queue, friends, pets, and party menus

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I think that toggles just need an update there are many things that would be better with toggles such as the friend list order and as silver said I think it would be best for there to be an item for toggles instead (such as a gear in inventory)

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I edited the post to add this

I’m on board with this idea
We need more chat messages other than ads