To add purchasable capes (like your skins)

To add purchasable capes that can be used everywhere (like your skins)

Hey, I was playing the deathrun on your server and had an idea. I play on bedrock where caps are at a limited number. My idea is that, using the deathrun capes, you can purchase something like ‘THE DEATHRUN CAPE PACK’. I would like to think this would also be a good move for your server as people would catch on and want these capes for themselves (not that you guys need any help getting players to join!). These capes would be shown on not just the server, but everywhere. Also, you can’t beat a bit of free advisement! Thanks for your time and I would be happy to see if you share my thoughts on this idea.

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make sure to vote for your own suggestion

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Kind of like this idea but it can get difficult designing lots of capes good idea though,

Though I think this is the same suggestion
Exclusive Hive Capes

Also welcome to the forums.

Aaaaah, my bad, I just thought about it and wanted to share :smile:

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