Tired of starting skywars games without a chesplate!

Sometimes, and I’m not the only one, I find myself without a chesplate or without blocks of andestites because there were none in the chests! You can mine iron ores that drop blocks or diamond, emerald, or gold ores to get a chesplate, but it takes time and other players can rush your base and kill you since you have a less powerful armor. If we start without blocks of andesites, there are the ender pearls and the knocback boxes, but they do not appear all the time. There are self-breaking blocks, but they are found in small quantities and andesite is much more convenient for bridging. You can mine iron ores to get blocks of andesites, but I preferred that they were always present in the chests so as not to have to mine. even if this does not happen to me frequently, I find myself embarrassed when it happens to me!

I’ve been in this situation many times before but 85% of the time I can kill two people no problem and get a diamond/iron chestplate.

Without a chestplate, you’re basically in a huge disadvantage since you’re taking more damage than a full set of whatever armor you have. So you have to be extremely careful and be careful picking a fight on whoever you pick on.

I believe there is a reason behind this. I mean, do we really need a pearl and knockback boomboxes in every or 70% of all island chests? It’d be overpowered and not only that, it’d be pretty annoying because your enemies will be able to escape no problem and annoy everyone so much.

Self-breaking blocks are actually not that bad and there also good for bridging blocks. They do destroy after three seconds, but still fine imo. You can mine iron ores if you find low quantities like what you said earlier and get enough andesite within like 15 seconds or so, but everyone does that so no need to feel embarrassed. :slightly_smiling_face: