Tips on playing Deathrun?

I’ve been enjoying deathrun a lot and I’m wondering is there more any tips and tricks and appropriate ways to play deathrun as a runner. Death trap is fine for me, I am more curious in the runner side.

Usually I play the game on high fov with hide hands.

jump, and use the leaf while you’re in midair.

adding to this, keep sprinting while in the air dont just stop lol

you go farther when you jump

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Try to avoid parkour as much as possible with the leap
Also use leap when falling or being mid air

The key is to try to get a good start to get ahead from everyone else and even deaths. A good death would try to kill as many people with one trap, not to go for the one ahead

To gain momentum at the start, go a little behind the wall and time your sprint perfectly so that when the wall opens you’re already sprinting out while everyone else didn’t have speed trying to run but hitting into the wall

Hope this helps!

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If your in controller or PC you basically have the advantage of using the leap while jumping, Though in mobile it is very hard. Try to let the person next to you go first if the death is in the trap where u are. If the spawn is right behind you and the death is there just run and you will respawn next to the trap.


Ohh man I agree that mobile is hard as hell.
But when I switched on PC it was very easy,

Tho I haven’t tried to use a controller, might as well give it a try.

Controller= top 5 finish in every game guaranteed

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I have my Xbox 360 wired controller here. Omg why didn’t I even think about using it lol. The only problem is that it had a joystick drift.

I think the advantage of the controller is the joystick on how you can controll the speed of walking especially in situation where u had to stop or carefully leap onto obstacles?

Yeah, Running in PC is very hard as you have to stop and double tap w before running again. In controller though u could just press the joystick to run.

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Whats that thing again uh i forgot like run cap or insta run? its spmething about to make sprinting faster

or, you know, just remap your sprint button


There’s a sprint button lmao, it’s set to Control by default

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Another thing to note is that there are some places in maps that you can essentially dodge 100% of whatever trap it is (not leaping over it), or find shortcuts. You can look some up on YT!

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