Tip for : how to use 2D skins with the skin creator until fix

Hello everyone :smile:

Well, this post is a bit particular, because it’s not about a question I have. I’m here to help people that have difficulties with the new skin creator that contains a bug for now in 1.13. I wanted to offer my fix, until it get really fixed. Well, let’s get started !

Note : at this point in time, you can only have one personalised skin, for some reason the software will update all personal skins in the closet if one of them is updated. This method is for when you want to change your personal skin.

  1. Create a new skin : Profile, Edit Character.
  2. In the second category to the right, select Owned, then Import
  3. Select your 2D skin file.

Now it’s where it’s bugging. The software, at this point in time, only update the 3 pixel arm picture for some reason, but not the 4 pixel arm picture

  1. To update it so you can choose your new skin with 4 pixel arm, select the 3 pixel arm first.
  2. Validate your skin by going back to the main menu (arrow to the left at top left screen 3 times).
  3. Go back to the skin creator : Profile, Edit Character, and import again your new skin.

This time, the software will allow you to pick the 4 pixel arm version of your new skin. And here we go :wink:

Hope this can help ! Best regards,

BlueAngel0568 :kissing_heart: :blue_heart:

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