Thoughts about Tropical?

One month ago, I hated the map Tropical, as I got rushed right after I started to build my treasure defense, and it gave me no time to play. But then after a week or so, I started to rush from the diamond gen myself, and the wins I got on this map was astonishing, and now it’s my favorite map. However, I understand some might not like this map for the exact same reason I didn’t like this map. What are your thoughts?

For me, this map is the only exception I make with my bridging strategy. Instead of going for diamond gen like I do with other maps, I instead bridge straight toward emerald. This is because the 32 blocks of wool always reach far enough to allow a 1 or 2 block jump at the end. It seems pretty effective when I play, but everyone has their own preference. :slightly_smiling_face:

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You can actually rush two bases on this map using 32 blocks, which is just completely dumb. It’s amazing for rushing though. Also the small amount of blocks it takes to go anywhere makes you more prone to targetting.


Best map ever. Nothing negative about it for me.