Thought On The Creator Clash?

To those of you who watched Skyela’s stream, what were your thoughts on the Creator Clash? What did you think of the way the rules were set, the bracket, the map chosen, etc? Feel free to use this as a thread for discussion about the newest event.

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could put this in “Last one to post wins”

I didnt see the stream tho I did see splodger post this on discord #bedrock-chat about the stream


It was very fun to watch and huge congrats to @mj_owns_u for the big dub. @IgnacioBlade did great as well with the epic clutch in round 2. Evident almost took the big dub but mj had to camp mid >:(

  1. I think the Castle map was a good pick, it was easier to spec players on and it was easier to get loot
  2. The bracket system was alright but I feel bad for danny lol.
  3. Evident should’ve won
  4. I hope more creators can join this event next time
  5. Maybe this should be a monthly thing??
    I hope future events are planned but I did have sus on someone about something and Im pretty sure most of us know who. Great event loved watching it! Also Kudos to xSkyela (Nicole) for organizing the event and pocketgaming for helping.

EDIT: I might have a lot of spelling mistakes. Im on mobile pls dont blame me :frowning_face:

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