This Or That (forum game)

So how this work is simple you answer a question with 2 option and you can pick one answer to the question above you and then make your own question in the comments, the template


So let’s start the game
Question: Which is better DR, or MM

Answer: MM is better than DR.

Question: Which is better; double-layered treasure defense of wood and concrete, or double-layered treasure defense of wool and endstone?

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Answer: Wood and Concrete

Question: What’s OP Bow-spam or Snowball-Spam?

Snowball spam

Which is better, Hive Forums or Hive Discord

Hive forums :laughing:

Which is better: 18 snowballs or 1 ender pearl in treasure wars

One pearl :smirk:

Which is better; Treasure defense of any sort or no treasure defense

No treasure defense.

Which is better: SG or TW

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Answer: TW

Question: Which is better. Playing rushy or defensively?

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Answer: Rushy

Which is better: Endstone or Concrete

Concrete, it’s colorful and cheap

Which is better: Cave or School in deathrun


Which is better: Hub or DR


Which is better: Minecraft or Discord

Answer: Well obviously Minecraft

Question: Do like 1.12 or 1.13


Candy or Cityscape in TW duos

Candy is better idk

Minecraft Bedrock vs Minecraft Java

Minecraft java

Who is better at treasure wars gamerboyeighty or HiQuig (gamerboy80 and Quig, the hypixel youtubers, they played hive bedrock)


skeppy or technoblade

technoblade all the way

What’s better, chain armor or diamond sword

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what sucks the most Diamond Swords or ender pearls


Which is better Trios or solos?