This is about PC Players in my Game

When i try to play Skywars or Sky-Kits I’ve seen so many pc players playing against me. What happened to your Player Device Detection System??? Please fix this as soon as possible because this is not good i can’t even have fun, PC Players ruin it all, and i am also playing on Mobile

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Whenever there are under 300 players in a gamer, Pbmm is disabled. Either that’s the issue, or people are connected keyboards and mice to their mobile devices. This is an issue that the Hive is trying to find a solution to.

Many console and mobile players (etc) use mouse and keyboard I’ve noticed on the hive, I dont think its the system

The thing about hive matchmaking is it tries to get as many mobile people ( or people on the same platform as you) in your match. However 9/10 you’ll be with someone whos not in your platform

Also the system won’t work if you’re in a party with sb using an other device than you.

First thing is i wasn’t even in a party second thing is 9 out of 10 chance is almost guaranteed and i remember the old times when there was extremely low to no chance of finding PCs in Mobile player matchs. But now its Almost Guaranteed to find PCs in Mobile player Matchs and also about the keyboards and mice players i’m not talking about them because i know they invulnerable to pbmm so excluding them I’ve seen players which use Custom Capes by Bionic Ben method which is only available to PCs devices i don’t know about PlayStation and Consoles so excluding them too, I’ve seen more than 1 or 2 PCs in one game and they are also Higher tier PC Players or you can say more experienced ones. And not only in Skywars but in Treasure Wars, SG, Deathrun, H&S, Murder Mystery, and others. And i was also a PC player so i know how powerful we are against Mobile and Consoles but i am back to team Mobile for quite a long time because i started on it and also as a Experienced Mobile player i know on mobile we can hardly get 6 to 8 CPS and on the other hand PCs and Consoles can get easily get 10 to 20 CPS or more (i don’t know if hive has CPS Cap) and they can easily Strafe us Combo us and jump and hit and others tactics. Ok that’s all for today i know its a really long reply.

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