Think of a reason why the person above you hates the TW map Tesla Labs

you know the rules
and so do i


I hate it because i don’t even remember what it looks like lol

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It looks hardly anything like a lab.

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i hate it bc the way i sb it doesnt reach 32 blocks doesnt reach to mid

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You can’t rush the sides.

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its too big and the islands are too far apart

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conformity, aka being like others lol. Idk everything’s been stated before.

(You’re supposed to say a reason for which the person above you would not like it)


You’re the first reply and you’ve already failed


because they’re based

also because you can’t build up to mid with 32, siderushing is weird, the edges of the bases are elevated, you can block in too easily by mining in from the right in front if you face middle from the base, you can camp above bases easily, too much structures, the map is built for snowball and bow spamming, i just cannot describe how hard it is to get quick wins here

i @babyUo can play on ruins spring rome snowglobe just not this

Can’t rush with 32 wool. Have to wait till ya get 64

because you don’t like the map

Because it’s not like a lab. Only mid is like a lab.

Because it is pro-defense

I hate it because I hate Teslas

bc its not great

bc its the worst map to ever be made

because its copyright