There should be a fire resistance book

i want them to add a fire resistance book due to how overpowered the fire sword was, and i thought about either water or this book as the fire sword gets more popular with people who sweat, want faster kills, or just be annoying. and this can benefit people fighting these people with the fire sword.

Also, water slows you down which 9/10 times means certain death.

Add this and remove the fire trail book, its pretty useless and sometimes can kill you lol




This NEEDS to be added. The fact that fire swords have little to no good counter is ridiculous. Here are the issues…

1: The fire takes up 90% of your screen (Texture packs can solve this, but Switch players are screwed since they can’t really get texture packs without using up 90% of their wallets)
2: You can’t really use water as a good counter since only a few maps have water in them.
3: The fact that fire damage doesn’t trigger the invulnerability frame makes it so you can take player damage and fire damage at the same time. As a result, it creates this big huge mess where your health gets eaten up.

Fire Trail grants Fire Resistance as well as leaving a trail of fire behind the player