There’s a map glitch in hospital where you can get on the roof.My friend made a video on how to do it

I don’t know the video name.

link the video so the staff know what bug to fix

oh also this should be in #server-bug-reports

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I forgot the video name but it’s easily replicatable.I will ask the friend who made it to tell me the exact name,but he did it for educationail purposes.

Welcome to the forums! A moderator or Hive team member is going to look into this and fix the glitch.

Also, you posted this in the suggestions category for Hide and Seek. Please use the #server-bug-reports one for next bug reports.


this is bannable fun fact

Sorry I joined this like 10 min ago and didn’t see that.Ill type there next time.

Also how to replicate it is to go up the stairs the the room with the bookshelves with trap doors.Climb the trap doors and then stand still at the top to become a block.After that use the pink emote and you get teleported up.(you may have to jump)I think it’s because you start as 1 block tall and emoting makes your 2 blocks tall causing some sort of higher glitch that allows you to teleport.This means that seekers cannot psychically get there.

you know what they say, microsoft needs to remove emotes.

??? please explain

I ment oink my mistake

i think they mean pig