There needs to be a change to the gifting system. Now

I was recently doing a live stream on my channel. Once we hit a certain like amount, I did a “Plague” give away. This comes with the Plague skin, Plague avatar, and the “The Infector” title. The stream hit the like goal, and so I went to the hub to purchase the skin. I didn’t realise that you couldn’t gift these to other people. I really want to give this to the winner, as they deserve it for helping me with the like goal. I tried to get it refunded, but there are no refunds. There seems to be nothing I can do.

What we can do to stop it:
So, I propose an update to avoid this in the future. ANYTHING bought from the marketplace would be counted as a gift, redeemable through /gift. You would just have to gift yourself. I think this would be a better overall system.

Do you agree or disagree?

nah i think it’s your fault for not understanding the system right


Yeah, I did have some fault. But isn’t it ridiculous that we can’t gift a skin from the shop?

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That’s the purpose of the gift menu :slight_smile:

It sucks that you can’t gift the skin that you bought, but at least you have a new skin now.


Yeah, it is the purpose of the gift menu, and I totally agree. But why aren’t the skins added to the gift menu?

it was you just never noticed

I made sure to thoroughly check. Is it there?

yes it’s Buy Gift> Regular Costume

No, I wanted to gift something from the shop. If you read the post, it includes the avatar and title

that’s the REGULAR COSTUME FUNCTION, how can you not understand that the costume give BOTH.


Oh. Well the store had a sale for the Plague as well, so it still wouldn’t apply.
Thanks for your help :smiley:

you’re welcome please remember that, it makes my stress disappear


Thanks. I confused the regular costume feature with just a skin. Sorry.

Honestly I feel having to do /gift to get yourself would be the inferior system to the current one, and I can see why the hive wouldn’t let you give away costumes since that could cause unnecessary issues