There is a hacker on Treasure Wars

So, I was playing Treasure Wars on my Nintendo Switch. (My evidence is taken in screenshots, and I had to take pictures of the screenshots using my phone) I was on yellow team, a four team match, and this red player is jumping like he has jump boost on. He does not take fall damage and I believe he was also breaking blocks quickly. He managed to break my team’s bed with no tools of any sort, not even a sword. Here is the evidence of his jump hacks. His username is Surviland. I have multiple images but I am a new user and can only put one image in this post.

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Thanks for the report! I’m sure the staff will watch him. It would’ve been better if you had gotten a video. But thanks!

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Thank you for replying! I just want to be able to play the game fairly. I would have gotten a video but I cannot record on my nintendo switch.

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Hey @KatKitty123! You can report hackers in the discord at discord/gg.hive. No worries, I play on Nintendo Switch too and it’s hard to take screenshots :sweat_smile:


Thanks for your report! I will look into it.

In future, if you are 13 or over, feel free to join our official Discord server - we have a dedicated channel where you can report rule-breakers. You can join the server by going to If you have any further questions, feel free to PM me here on the forums or on Discord :slight_smile:

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