The regular role stills appears

So for one of the helpers who just got appointed the moderator role yesterday, she should be receiving her leader role by now. But then however, the regular role stills appears tho

Like the regular role stills appears even though she is now a moderator

I believe that the regular role still is shown in badges, even when the person has leader aswell.

but then the leader role badge is of a higher rank than the regular role, therefore it should override with the regular role.

Just like if a hive plus rank player becomes a helper, the helper role is of a higher position and it will replace the plus rank to the helper rank

they might have a choice to choose which badge from regular and leader appears on their profile

oh I see, makes sense

so is it only moderators can choose which badge to appear on their profile?

So like I said “it might be” so its a possibility, I however don’t know for sure

Hey there, all moderators have the “Leader” badge, it only takes a while to show it on their profile. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Edit: If you click the “+6 More” you’ll be able to see the Leader badge already. :blobheart: