The real problem in SG

Tall Grass is the most unfair part of any map in SG for the simple reason of not being able to hit though it. Yeah you can break through it but in a pvp situation where every hit counts you wouldn’t think to break the nearly transparent tall grass block? Tell me what you guys think below.

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I don’t see this being a large issue as it is edge case and that most people wouldn’t think of that, but yeah hive could remove tall grass

this is also a problem in treasure wars with the sugar canes, people can build around the sugar cane and trap people insode it, with no way of escaping

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It’s not meant to be taken seriously

Thats not all it does. It also follows you and nerfs your damage every fight.

Very Factual Indeed my friend

oh, ok, I didn’t know if it was serious or not it sometimes I can’t tell the difference between satire and reality

There is no way to tell between that in an online forum post. You kind of have to state if it’s a joke, because I thought he was being serious, and it could be a problem to some players.

But does it matter tho

Nah but you don’t know you could make a joke somewhere else that someone could take seruously and it could be a big problem.

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But it’s just grass my dude

I know I’m not adding anything, but sometimes it seems like you are being sarcastic when you are not, so s9me of that happens to

I’m in so many levels of unironic irony that people can’t tell when I’m being serious. I’m in too deep.

I do not think it’s too big of an issue, but I do think the Tall Grass should be removed.

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