The Qna topic

So basically how this works is if you want to know a question about someone you @ them. Then that person will reply :beedance: the reason I’m making this is that I’ve been seeing a lot of qna topics lately so I’m making this :cubee:

Example:@H_HunggVn what’s your favorite color?

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Well my favorite color is blue because its the color of sky and i really like it

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it’ll work better if you ask the question, someone else answers it and asks another, an so on.

Person 1: What’s your favourite colour?
Person 2: Red. What’s your favourite food?
Person 3: Pizza. Thoughts on men?

and so on.


Miss type?


i love men

Yeah that’s a good idea😄

@ceoricon what’s ur favorite fast food restaurant

does five guys count
if not, then sonic

@ryyuunn nuggets or tenders


depends where but usually nuggets.

carls jr’s tenders slap though.

@Rechenheft favourite ice-cream flavour?

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I’m not Rechenschaft, but I don’t have a favourite, I like all ice cream except horse foot.

@Conhadda is that you on your pfp?

Yeah it’s me

@FawnBongo51045 do u like cats

I’m a dog person
What about you?

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I like cats…. because I am one


@King_Leo_569 Do you like lions?

A lot!
@FawnBongo51045 do you play football?


I play soccer

i don’t

@HudsonDog59 why did you choose “59” ?

It is my favourite number

@Conhadda What do you like most about social media

Meow meow meow
Decipher this