The problems with The Hives take on “Survival Games”


The main issue with the Hives take on Survival Games or SG is that it’s not like every other SG. You should not be able to just find a diamond sword of spawn, there should be individual diamonds in chests (along with sticks) as well as iron ingots and gold. Why is there no gold armor and iron armor? The fact that you can only get Iron armor in supply crates means that the BEST armor you can have (if you’re unlucky enough to find crates) is diamond helm and boots, chain chest and pants. That is the equivalent of fully iron. A diamond sword absolutely SHREDS you if you don’t have the diamond helm and boots… it’s shreds you even if you DO. There shouldn’t be diamond gear in chests and there should be individual diamonds, gold, and iron, SG is already random chance enough but now my whole game is ruined because a guy got a diamond sword off spawn and I got a bone. Speaking of which, let’s move onto the chest items. There is enough food already in every chest, I don’t think there has been a single person that has starved to death (the food in chests AND you get hunger as well as health per kill). So why in the hell is there bones and seeds, justify this please because it’s a complete waste. I would switch out the cobwebs as well since people just use them to camp in buildings and play lame and they also don’t even work half the time. I’ll place a web perfectly where someone is standing/would jump into and it just disappears and now I got comboed by some guy who only killed me because the webs decided “you’re too good, give the other guy a chance”. Replace them with Flint and steel (3 charges MAX) as well as the fishing rod. This one isn’t big since it’s only in beta, but 2 maps, seriously. I get so bored playing the same 2 maps over and over again, add more (also why is SG4 changed… its perfect the way it’s originally made). Again, the maps thing is a eh problem, I’m sure they’ll add more, I just hope it’s actual DECENT maps unlike “Flashpoint”. Add maybe Zone 85, Par 72, SG Highway, Drybone Valley, Valleyside University (all of these are amazing Sg maps and should satisfy the whole “more maps” thing).

IN SUMMARY, Add more diversity in armor (with the addition of removing diamond gear from chests, make them craftable. Both maps even have a spot in the middle where a crafting table should be placed but it’s not there). Completely omit the horrible, unnecessary items like Bones and Seeds and replace them with Flint and Steel (3 charges max and turn off fire spread) as well as Fishing rods. Finally, add more maps, preferably good ones such as the ones I stated before (Zone 85, Par 72, SG Highway, Drybone Valley, Valleyside University and any other good maps I haven’t stated just use MCSG as a way to see what maps people like and hate). Thank you for taking the time to read, I’ve been playing SG about 7 years now and I haven’t found someone that can beat me in a fair 1v1 on console, the gamemode just came out for the hive and I have 2.2K+ kills already. I applied for Helper so if any staff is watching this I’d be happy to join the creative team to add gamemodes to the server and help out, I’m a pvper, I know what pvpers like, I also play casual, I know what they like too. Hopefully these changes will be added and I hope you have a great day!!! Ps I love the Hive, my favorite server by far.

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“Not like any other SG”
do i need to explain how similar it is to MCSG and Badlion SG

Maybe not MCSG but badlion SG

I never played Badlion SG so I wouldn’t know, I apologize but the main point of this is to tell what needs to be changed and how they could go about it