The problem with Just Build

6 Meh? 2 Good? 1 Great? 0 Loves? This needs to be fixed, people can’t level up if they don’t win and every game, I always have more meh than any other one. How can we fix this?

Honestly, you have to build something pretty good to get some good ratings. Remember, a lot of the players are young kids who might not vote fairly.


True, I build pretty nicely and I see terrible builds (no offense) that get first place.


Yeah, that happens a lot. It can be really annoying but it’s always going to be a problem if younger kids are playing. Hypixel’s Build Battle can be hard, but it’s for the exact opposite reason: there’s not as many young kids.


you could report those players who unfairly voted since it’s against the rules


How do I know if you falsely do it?

Sometimes almost all my votes are bad just because barley anybody builds something good. That’s why its boring because you just see something bad.

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@Hlzyzptlk this can be closed :ok_hand:

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Just build a Creeper, trust me.
No one can hate on a creeper.
It’s the mascot of minecraft.

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