The people you'll meet in Treasure Wars! [Stereotypes in Treasure Wars]

Hey! Welcome back to another post! If you could not see the title well… Today we will be doing the “Spin-off of “The people you’ll meet in Murder Mystery! [Stereotypes in Murder Mystery]” You should know this if you checked should we add a tournament mode in the end of the post Here! And in a way it was much harder than the original because there are no classes to pinpoint certain traits and even though I play treasure wars than murder mystery there is many ways people can play! It took me a few games to study people and make a final list! And as always hope you enjoy! As a quick warning! this is not to make fun of ANYONE only for entertainment purposes so if you are this Stereotype and I represent it as bad PLEASE don’t take this as hate! Hope you understand and enjoy!

If you want to view the original the people you’ll meet (Murder Mystery) Here is the link!

Now before we start I want to say a few things!

  1. While it won’t be sorted in categories there will be a [solos], [duos] or [squads] representing where it’s most common in! There is also [UC](uncommon) and [All] as well
  2. Like last time There will be the Stereotype, explaining the stereotype and a quote that matches that stereotype
  3. Go ahead and Reply if any of these Stereotypes represent you. Choose as many as you think you are! Maybe even talk about your favorite quote?
  4. If you liked these! Tell me if I should do Hide and Seek? I may do it if enough people
  5. If you are not any of these listed. Then you’re just neutral/average in Treasure Wars!

Now without further delay! Let’s auto bridge through these!

  • The Gold Hoarder [Squads]: Also known as Gold Hoggers! They are the one bane of many people in this game! Since low levels can usually get gold first. They hog gold sometimes from more than 10 to 32 GOLD Holding down your team! Even hive has a title called this. Hive knows we know about these people! ”I pay my workers minimum wage even if they can help the team!” OR ”Don’t worry! After I’m done, getting 32 gold I will buy chain armor for… Oh. Only me!”

  • The Diamond Horder: [UC] These people are very uncommon but happen every once in a while. They well… Hog diamonds and are less annoying since the only reason you would want many diamonds are for bows? ”Shine bright like a diamond. Phh! I am the diamond!”

  • The Emerald Horder: [Squads] What do I say that I didn’t say? They hog Emeralds. Most likely pooped their pants when the village and pillage update was announced! “We don’t need Emerald armor to make Emeralds useful. Just use it in Treasure Wars!OR ”We know, you know I need this for diamond armor so GIVE it up!”

  • The Middle Rusher: [Squads] There those people who rush middle first thing after maybe killing their neighbors! ”Next stop! Middle Island!”

  • The Diamond island Rusher: [Duos] Like the Middle Rusher, they rush diamond island to upgrade generators or to bridge and kill their neighbors! ”We just struck diamonds! WOO!”

  • The Team Bridger/Rusher: [Duos] This has been happening a ton recently but there the people who don’t bridge to middle but instead bridge from team to team destroying them as they go with auto bridgers or just bridging! If you see them coming it’s not hard to kill them! ”Don’t worry middle! I don’t need your help! Lemme just bridge 100s of blocks by myself!”

  • The All-Out Rusher!: [Duos] or [Squads] They just rush teams after they have enough materials to do so! No team is safe. If they are in your lobby. There is no mercy given to any team! ”Alright so the goal is to destroy everyone’s treasure and kill the… Oh! I killed them all already” OR ”When you’re in my lobby… There is no winning or losing, only surviving!”

  • The “Protect the President” Player: [Solos] They like to build a really REALLY big defense to protect the Treasure! Like 8-10 layers of wool or endstone, the blocks literally spill out outside the island and cover the shop… Maybe it’s overkill but they don’t care! ”Michelle Obama get down! We’re getting attacked by people with diamond armor!” OR ”You can never be safe on winter weather! Here take 5 jackets and 3 coats!”

  • The “I don’t care” Defence builder: [Squads] They don’t care about defence even thought well… People are going to rush because the bridged to middle! ”I don’t need to defend my treasure when I got God and Anime on my side!”

  • The level 1: [Squads] or [Solos] They are clearly new to the game and are pretty bad! They won because of luck, previous experience, or being on a good team! ”Ok guys. So how do you buy stuff?”

  • The Noob: [Squads] or [Solos] They are better than the level one with more experience! But are still not good! ”Ok so I know how to but stuff… How do I place it?”

  • The Different Region Noob: [NC] “A different version of the noob but in a different region… Like Asia servers! ”好!所以要在战争宝藏中发挥作用,你需要保护宝藏并摧毁别人吗?”

  • The Average: [All] They are maybe level 10-15 or more and can get some wins and can actually do work! ”I’m like your average restaurant: Good and Partially Unique!”

  • The Talented: [All] Now these people are pretty good! If they had enough time, skill, or are just willing to play along with laziness to go outside. They could be TryHards maybe even S W E A T Y TryHards! “Look mom, I can speedbridge in Treasure Wars!”

  • The TryHard: [Squads] While they have fun sometimes with friends, they just get a squad and go to town! Ending teams left and right with speedbridiging and pro PVP! “I play Treasure Wars and ONLY Treasure Wars!”

  • The S W E A T Y TryHard: [Solos] or [Squads] There the type of people who don’t have fun while playing and just like the thrill of winning or being known as that really good player… You’re still an awesome guy with a tryhard skin… Just sayin! “Im really REALLY good at Treasure Wars but also good at Skywars, Bedwars, Cake Wars, Eggwars, Survival Games, Basically any “Wars” Games!” OR “Player” Exists / S W E A T Y Tryhard: I’m about to end this whole man’s Career!

  • The LeaderBoard Grinder: [Squads] They are from “The Talented” to “The S W E A T Y TryHard” they get some friends to grind and Squads and like to grind leaderboard for the… I don’t know rewards? “I always imagine a reward other than just my name on a virtual list for my skill and time but. IDK!?”

  • They Psychologist: [UC]: Not common but use human Psychology to trick and outsmart their opponents. One example is placing one end stone at the front of the defense in squads so people think the whole thing is covered when none of it is! 200 IQ PLAYS! “Who needs skill when you have PSYCHOLOGY!”

  • The “Your Hacking! Guy: [All] If you kill them in a weird way or just are better than the person! They instantly type in chat “Hacker!” Maybe report you! “You beat me, no fair! You clearly have to be hacking!!1! REPORTED”

  • The Toxic 9-Year-Old: [Squads] There that kid who dies to a noob or just someone better than them if they’re good or not and makes a virtual TEMPER TANTRUM screaming, calling you bad (even though you killed him,) Making a fuss, and even partially or just staring at you and threatening you? They are really trying! “PLAYER Used TOXIC, It’s super effective!” OR "If you destroyed me, I WILL DESTROY YOU SELF ESTEEM IN A VIRtUAL KIDS GAME!”

New stuff I edited In! Credit goes to ItsWoozieE for the first, second, and third stereotypes!

  • Sky Bridger: [All] Even though Treasure Wars added a Height Limit. People still do this and win! They do this when they know they will lose and need a last resort! ”It’s like Tangled, but I don’t let down my hair!”

  • The Bow Spammer: [All] Again even though they did a hard price nerf on bows, these people still love to do it even if that means they use all their life savings of gold for arrows! Still the most OP thing in the game! ”Bows! It’s Nerf or Nothin!” OR ”This game should be rated pg-13! I fire these arrows like machine guns!”

  • The Hide And Seeker: [Squads] AGAIN! Even thought people can get player trackers they still do it! If you wanted to hide half the round cause your team got destroyed! Do it in hide and seek! ”The only reason I do it here is because Hide N Seek is not popular in my reigon!”

  • The Commander: [Squads] They like to command their teammates! Like saying they defend and they rush usually to lower level players. Rip you guys! ”Since I’m level 20 and have been top 100 3 times! You now listen to me! I have been in the navy army and fought a war!” OR ”If my team won’t do anything productive, I will make them!”

Well that’s it! Sorry if it felt short MCAS and stuff! It took a while of playing and thinking so please heart if you liked this or the Murder Mystery version! Again, If any of these represented you then go ahead and reply it or say what your favorite quote was! Hopefully, you enjoyed and have a nice day!


Isn’t there also a stereotype where the team has no patience and just rushes everyone, ending the game within 1-3 minutes. “Supper’s in 5 minutes, might as well play a quick game of Treasure Wars”


The LeaderBoard Grinder: [Squads]
The Psychologist: [UC]
The TryHard: [Squads]
The Talented: [All]
The “I don’t care” Defence builder: [Squads]
The All-Out Rusher!: [Duos] or [Squads]
The Middle Rusher: [Squads]
Lol a lot of these apply to me…
Also, The Gold Hoarder [Squads] should apply to duos, plus I’d say 20+ gold is hogging, not 10+ because 10-15 gold is about the amount you need to rush teams.


You missed 3 big stereotypes buddy

  1. The sky builder
  2. The bow spammer
  3. Hide and seeker
    We all can at least relate to the 2nd type.
    I appreciate your work tho great job!!!

basically me in a nutshell

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i feel attacked by this relatable content haha

i definitly rush. esspecialy after learning how to bridge better. i get that i need and dont come back unless i die or got a team already


Hey guys! Didn’t expect it to blow up like this at least as fast! Thanks for all the support!

@ItsWoozieE I will add the three classes you told me to I just rushed it so I may have not had classes that are common! Sorry for the partial letdown!

Hope you guys come back when I do release those tho! But see ya!


Yo it’s all good dude it’s just my suggestion
Happy to help anyways!

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I do that all the time lmao

This is me, wins is my life


This is me in squads. I’m probably way too serious in TW. :laughing:

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Im lvl 30
Lel i rush sometimes it wirks

U killed meh and biggest

Eyyyyyy I’m level 30 as well wanna friend request me? My username is Spawn674

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I’m definitely the Bow Spammer. I am really good with the bow. Here is my dream setup for a team:

Builder/Resource gatherer: Builds all the bridges to get to the other people’s bases and protects bed and collects resources for us all to use.

Fighters: These two will be all diamond armor and diamond sword, they can be the ones at close range.

Bower: Me! Stays at long range fighting from a distance and pinging off people from bridges.

My dream team would probably be whoever bricen grinded with lol

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Who?________________(Doing this because it has to be 20 characters long.)

Neutronic, DaPigGuy I think and uh TI0 I believe, and some others here and there.

And the peeps like me who hide in destroyed treasure defenses with like 5 mins left

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you also misses the salty killjoy