The music game


So mabey therebcould be music related games such as musical statues and follow the rythem. These are bad suggestions but the arcade could have features like this

If this is simular to another seevers features i dont play them


musical chairs :smiley:


This will be soo cool if it will be in arcade


I love this idea, its non pvp but still competitive and fun. Maybe have it so that you have to click to sit on the chair but since there are tons of very high cps people maybe add a cooldown so you can only click once every 5 seconds and while the music is playing maybe have border around the chairs so they dont get to close so nobody gets an advantage. Put some mexican music. It would make it more fun.

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Yes. I should have said musical chairs.

I made a another suggestions for musical chairs with explanation of how the game would work and other stuff, maybe vote if u like the idea.

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Bump because why not

I guess this could be a micro game in the arcade hub

ig this could be one of those games that you que into with the little arcade machines for duels and nemo slap game.

Yes i think it would fit well in there

Bump. Want to see what yhe nee people way about it.

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BUMP Block party is a music game. Idk if this would count as an accepted idea now, but there is a musical game now.

It’s true. BlockParty is basically musical chairs :joy: but new games are always great from the Hive

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